first post

I haven't blogged in such a long time! But like riding a bike, I hope that re-visiting it will make it become a habit once again. Like many things in my life, I've started and stopped this process so many times. Documenting my life is something that I feel is important. Mostly for reflection, but it's a good way to relieve stress and organize my thoughts. I've been feeling in limbo lately. Winter does that to everyone in the wild wild midwest, I guess. It's cold, it's dark, it's cloudy... blah. It makes it really hard to be productive or feel motivated, that's for sure. So I'm going to focus on the positive for right now. Here are a few things that have been happening as of late!


Sistine & Pregnant Matt, Me, K, Allison, Megan & Andy ventured over the The Young Friends of the Art Annual Trivia Smackdown and got 3rd place! We also were rewarded with "Best Team Name." I mean yeah, we're pretty clever. (Actually, Andy has full rights to the name as it was his idea)

The Book of Mormon *finally* came to KC. Here was our view from our fancy schmanzy box seats. Still is my favorite musical of all time! Jill and I had the pasta trios from Lidia's as a pre-party-carbo-load. A wonderful night indeed!